Building financial trust with and for communities

Giving everyone more opportunities to enjoy a healthy financial life.

Our vision

We believe that distributed finance opens a new way to build healthy wealth that makes people love to Share thus Care.

Smart Innovation

Using distributed ledger technologies and Smart Contracts.

Our goal is to revive Risk-Sharing Values & implement distributed Asset-backed finance models

Marketplace Lending Model

Connecting Capital Providers and Communities in real time

Bridging the funding gap of real economy projects through multiple sources of participative finance.

Our current activities

Ground-up initiatives solving real clients’ issues in
their daily financial needs.

Each vertical has a dedicated platform with local operational teams


Marketplace matching 70 000+ current members to Ethical Mortgage providers.

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Integrating crowdsavings into the buying process of the 1000+ yearly home mortgages allowing virtuous circle of financing.

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Crowdfunding and money pot for the real economy using innovative risk-sharing models and agreements.

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Our group-led initiatives

ConexCap integrates best-of-breed talents from different background to upgrade the existing finance framework


Licensing Muslim Show comics to democratize financial literacy.
Alfabay: new licence dedicated to commerce, trade, economy and good financial habits


Top-tier technical team based in Paris and Marrakech for digital platform development and UX design.


First-ranked research team based in SnT laboratory (University of Luxembourg) with PhDs dedicated to group initiatives.

Don't trust the centralised system,
build the distributed alternatives!

Start with a PFM (Personal Finance Mgt) tool, chain it with savings products and mortgages, open access to investment projects and aggregate the whole into an asset-backed platform.

Proof of concept in action

Meet our creative team

Our multinational team combines experience with passion, creativity and dedication. Our people work from our three global offices. From rural backroads to corporate boardrooms, committed to supporting our clients and investors.

Enquire for partnerships or for more information

Don't be afraid to reach out. You + us + the crowd = better communities.

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