FinTech connecting people, ideas and capital.


Connection is the link between potential and reality.
Our mission is to bridge this gap.


We connect communities to capital

when they need financing solutions

We connect ideas to resources

by allowing creators to focus on their work, while we provide the infrastructure

We connect partners to the knowledge

they need to grow, by bringing in our proprietary expertise and our teams of professionals

What we do

Our core business is to design and implement financial solutions:

Individuals and families

We provide interest-free home finance, through 570easi. Our retail offer has also been complemented with a new award winning real-estate backed saving product: FairInvest, launched and commercialized in Q1 2019, available throughout Europe.


For institutions, we provide investment solutions (mainly in real estate) and cutting-edge advisory services, ranging from structuring to analytical and data strategy.


For corporate groups and high value creative licenses, we provide technical and financial support, to help them reach their full potential and focus on their ideas.

In all these areas, we make it possible.

How we do it

Our methodology consists in executing a simple instruction when looking at a problem: solve for efficiency, within ConexCap’s operational, technical and ethical framework. It has to fit clients’ needs on one side and be tractable for partners and investors on the other.
We connect offer and demand, by creating the conceptual, operational and analytical interface between both.

What we love

We love people more than we like their resumé. We want to work with creative minds and authentic individuals, who understand and share our enthusiasm for change and knowledge.

We love ideas. The realer, the better. As analytical minds, we’re always looking for the most efficient and shortest path between an idea and its implementation. As soon as it works, learn lessons and move on to the next.

We love time, so we take ours. As lead investors and partners, we see our relationships with entrepreneurs on the long-term. We want to understand the risks we are taking. And then be patient with it.

We love practical ethics. At a time when ethical and socially-responsible speech is vastly available, we want to focus on actions and the actual long-term impact of our decisions.

We love data. Collect it. Protect it. Analyze it. Through the variety of our activities, we have access to extremely rich (and sometimes quite sensitive) information. Let us make sense of it.


Meet our creative team

Our multinational team combines experience with passion, creativity and dedication. Our people work from our three global offices. From rural backroads to corporate boardrooms, committed to supporting our clients and investors.

Our brands

Over the last years, we have taken strategic stakes in a number of diversified ventures.


Production of educational content

Carré bio

Premium organic food


Top-tier technical team


First-ranked research team based in SnT laboratory (University of Luxembourg)

Enquire for partnerships or for more information

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